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Are You Searching For Ideas for Living a Happy Life, of Having a Long & Successful Relationship, or just getting the most out of every day?


If you dream of building a relationship you are proud of then you’re in the right place!

My blog is all about inspiring, teaching and supporting people to create lives that not only serve their own needs but improve the lives of those you share your world with.  This is where I share the lessons I have learned.


My Journey: From Aimless wonderer to fantastic and nearly 50.


me in beanie relationshipMy name is Robyn Williams and I have been married to the same amazing guy since 1991.  Simon and I met and started dating in 1987 and have never looked back.  Sure there are ugly moments; but no relationship is perfect.

We co-own a small company GyroMax that we love working on together which we operate from home.  I also own a dog wash business Mad About Dogs for a bit of pocket money and to keep in touch with the community.

Along with our various business ventures over the years Simon and I have raised two fantastic children, who are now young adults exploring the world and creating their own fabulous lives for themselves.

Now Simon and I are on a new adventure; to find our place in life, after kids.




I am an habitual quitter, yes I am one of those.  In fact the only thing I haven’t quit is my family relationship.

I  never seem to finish anything, from school and university, to the 100’s of books started but never finished.

That is until I discovered Jeff Goins and Sarah Peterson.  From that moment I found my focus and life has changed.


I started blogging in 2015 on an impulse one afternoon having decided I was going to sell everything and go live in a bus, travelling around Australia with my husband, our three dogs and our Galah.  This venture needed funding so I decided I would chance my hand at blogging to bring in a little income to supplement our adventures.

Now, we haven’t sold off all our assets and joined the grey nomads of Oz…not yet.  But through the process I finally discovered what it is I want to do when I grow up:  I want to write.

During my steep learning curve into the blogging world, including learning about WordPress (which is an ongoing project) I have discovered that I really like writing.  And now,  I am writing my first book “The Worst First Date Ever”, a light-hearted look at relationships with tips to help your marriage work and last.

I am so grateful for the abundance of guidance freely shared by thought leaders such as Jeff Goins, and I am particularly thankful for the opportunity blogging gives everyone to explore who they really are, and live the life they are meant to live.


RobynWilliamsWrites Was Born


I am not a professional blogger, I do however have allot of tips and experiences to share.  This blog is my way of sharing the various relationship lessons life has provided me, from disastrous first dates, dealing with the in-laws, to what to do with life after kids.


I hope you gather something useful you can apply to your own relationship and life, and I hope you pass the lessons on to your families.


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