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Whatever the reason.  Sometimes you just need a little courage.


The main thing holding any of us back from fulfilling our dreams is fear.  Robyn Williams Writes is about sharing life lessons and shedding fears.  And hopefully inspiring, teaching and supporting you to create a life you not only love living but one that inspires others as well.


Taking that first big step is always hard.  So if you need the inspiration to take the first step towards a healthier life this blog is a good place to start.  I share simple ideas and life tips for living a happy life, of being fit and healthy no matter your age, and just getting the most out of every day.



A Little Bit About Me.

(A work in progress)


I am a habitual quitter; yes I am one of those.  In fact, the only thing I haven’t quit is my family & relationship.  I never seem to finish anything.  From school and university, gardening projects, or the 100’s of books I started writing but never finished.


I have had so many jobs I have lost count.  I guess I just get bored.  But, boredom is not necessarily a bad thing.  It’s what led me here.


In 1987 I packed up my young life, jumped on a train in Sydney and headed west.  Three days later, on the first of January, I landed in Perth.  I met Simon three months later.  We have been together ever since.


We spent the first few years of our lives together working in the Pilbara, which we adore.  But all good things must come to an end.  (I Must get back there one day).


We moved back to Perth so Simon could advance his career as a Camera Man.  I did my usual thing of taking on what ever job came my way.


We married in 1991.  We did what most people did back then; Family, house…bigger house…then we bought the farm.  A small piece of paradise where the kids could grow up unrestricted.


In 2011 My husband Simon and I started a small directional surveying company GyroMax which we currently run from home.  We now have a number of employees and are growing steadily.


In 2013 we moved from our farm closer to Perth for a number of reasons.  But we both regret it terribly, I surf the real estate sites every week dreaming of getting back to the country.  More life lessons 😀


In 2016, in an attempt to adapt to living in town,  I purchased a mobile dog grooming business The Mutt Truck I use it for a bit of pocket money and to keep in touch with the community.  It has helped a little bit with adjusting to town life.


But I still want to get out.  And I’m working on it.


The next phase

Robyn Williams lite n easy photo shoot
Robyn Williams lite n Easy photo-shoot 2017

Now our children have flown the coop and we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory.


“Empty nesters”.


So, Simon and I are on a new adventure; to find our place in life, after kids.


Part of this phase in our life is to share with you the challenge of getting fit again when you’re a little bit older.


Over the last 12 months, I have added re-gaining my physical fitness to my self-improvement portfolio.  In October 2016 Simon and I started eating lite n Easy lunches and Dinners and on April 2017 I joining a Crossfit Gym.


I have now lost 20 kg, and feel 5 years younger.  Best of all, my shape has transformed from muscle-less and saggy, to fit and getting fitter every week.


The coaches at Crossfit Artax have completely changed the way I look at exercise, and I am planning on entering my first beginner competition in 2018 after I turn 50.


Wish me luck.



So Why Blog?

Remember I said I want out?


I started blogging in 2015 on an impulse one afternoon having decided I was going to sell everything and go live in a bus, travelling around Australia with my husband, our three dogs and our Galah.


This venture needs funding.


So I decided I would chance my hand at blogging to bring in a little income to supplement our travels.  Now, we haven’t sold off all our assets and joined the grey nomads of Oz…not yet.


During my steep learning curve into the blogging world, including learning about WordPress (which is an ongoing project) I have discovered a few things.  Firstly that its a long slow road to making money blogging and secondly, I really like writing.


I am so grateful for the abundance of guidance freely shared by thought leaders such as Jeff Goins, and Sarah Peterson.


And I am particularly thankful for the opportunity blogging gives us to explore who we are, and live the life we are meant to live.


This blog is my way of sharing the various lessons life has provided me, from staring down the barrel of the big 5 0 & finding fitness, to living life after kids.


I hope you will find the information I share useful & entertaining.


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