Be a super freak – unleash your power

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Let your inner FREAK run free.


Do you sometimes  feel as though you just don’t quite fit in?  Perhaps you have had someone tell you point blank that you are not conforming to the status quo.

Well you wouldn’t be alone in this diagnosis of your personality, and because of this, you might be lacking some self confidence.  But never fear, there is another way to perceive yourself, that is, harnessing your freak factor and using it as your super power.



The first big question to ask yourself is, do you really want to ‘fit in’ anyway?

Chances are, if you are honest with yourself, you probably don’t.


I was once told I was ‘too country’ for a job I held as a trainee dental assistant.  So I up and went back to my farm. The point is, I AM from the country, and that is part of my charm and has contributed to my personality.  It has taken me a while to realise that this is what makes me unique, and if other people don’t like it, well, it’s their loss.

Now, because this year is year of the Fire Monkey, and that is my Chinese sign (although I am an Earth Monkey), I have decided to dedicate this month to posts on positivity, which is a Monkey strength.  (Disclaimer; I am not Chinese, I just like this stuff).

So this post is dedicated to unleashing your super freak and becoming the hero you were always meant to be.

Super Freak

In his book ‘The Freak Factor’ David J. Rendall asks his readers if they really want to be just like everyone else?, and if you ask yourself that question you might be energised by the answer.

He also asks you to divulge your biggest ‘problem’.  That is; what it is that you wish you could change about yourself.

You know, the thing that bugs you most, or that thing that other people wish you would change about yourself (and are constantly reminding you of).

Do you talk too much, or not enough, are you too hyperactive or too laid back, a bit ‘OCD’ or too messy?  

Get the idea?  Think about it for a while and then write it down.

So now what should you do?  You know what your mega weakness is.  What next?

Most people initially think that they should find and fix their weaknesses.  Unfortunately, this just leads to frustration and failure. 

Furthermore, building on your strengths and enhancing not fixing your weaknesses, is your best strategy for success.

The idea behind the Freak Factor is that we need to embrace our weaknesses.  Then flaunt the shit out of them.


So, instead of struggling to ‘improve’ ourselves, eliminate our ‘weak’ areas and become ‘well rounded’, we should instead be striving for self awareness.  And, acceptance of who we really are.

Only when we embrace our whole self, warts and all, can we really start to shine.  Then, go be super freaky.

So, how do you go about unleashing the freak within?

Listen to your inner self

It all starts with knowing what your strengths and weaknesses actually are.

That can be a bit tricky, but with some deep thought and a good look in the mirror, we can all get our freak on. (Oh, and don’t forget the very helpful advice from friends, co-workers and family…they are usually more than eager to let you know how/why you suck, lol.)

David Rendall has a great worksheet in his book that you can use to analyse your freak factor.  There are a number of specific questions and corresponding scoring key.  It is totally cool.

Once you answer some key questions you tally up your score and determine your freak factor, a score of 9-10 gives you the auspicious title of Super Freak, while a score of 1-2 means you are a future freak, with just a little work to do.

The process

Write up a list like the one below.

Here is an example of some strengths and their corresponding weakness, notice the relationship between the two columns.  Do you see how your weakness is just a perception of a trait that could otherwise be a strength?


Strength Weakness
Creative Unorganised
Organized Inflexible
Dedicated Stubborn
Flexible Inconsistent
Enthusiastic Obnoxious
Calm Emotionless
Reflective Shy
Adventurous Irresponsible
Responsible Boring
Positive Unrealistic
Realistic Negative
Assertive Intimidating
Humble Weak
Self-Confident Arrogant
Patient Indecisive
Passionate Impatient

Now, if you reverse the list and put the weakness first, then the strength, you can start to see just how this thing works.

So say your weakness is being introverted, your  corresponding strength could be identified as being deeply thoughtful, it probably means you’re a good listener, right?  Which might make you a great counsellor.

So can you see how turning everything upside down can help you release your true potential?

Of course there is allot more to it than just identifying your strengths and weaknesses and working on enhancing the key weakness, you need to figure out what to do with it.  If you want to understand this concept more you can buy the book using the Amazon link in this post.

The first time I met David was at a Youth Connections workshop he conducted in Western Australia a number of years ago.  Boy, can that boy talk.  He was amazing.  He totally changed the way I perceive myself, and others, and I am grateful for that gift.

I highly recommend getting hold of a copy of David’s book, The Freak Factor: Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness  or better still getting along to one of his seminars.  It is well worth the time.

Until next time,

stay safe and be happy

Robyn Williams 🙂