Why we should #Recognise Australias First People in our constitution.

climbing men from the Pilbara WA- recognise

Our country has a wealth of cultural diversity yet people suffer Injustice & inequity every day, we need change, a treaty and to recognise our First Australians. 

Only when the non-indigenous people of this country recognise that we have a problem and start asking the question;



Only when we ask;
“Why are our migrants settlers able to make a good life here; when our own first peoples struggle?”

Only when people stop turning their back on the social inequities that lie at our feet will we begin to make change.

And only when our politicians and our broader community REFUSE to accept inequality, can we begin to pave a way forward.


Our collective country is wounded.

This great continent, made up of so many First Nations and Cultures, and subsequent migrant cultures, is, as they say, “a melting pot”.  
And as such 
Only then, can we begin to heal.  
Yes, people will have their personal points of view.  However;
We owe it to our future generations. 

We have an obligation to repair the injustice to our First Australians, and to resolve the intolerance and disrespect among our people.

The time has come to acknowledge our shared history and create a unified future.  We cannot continue to call ourselves a great country, a free country or the lucky country, when we continue to ignore the needs of the First People of this country.
If our politicians won’t do it, then the people must do it.
If, because of bureaucracy, we must have a referendum to validate the indigenous people of this country then we must all accept that responsibility and ensure we vote yes to including and recognising our first Australians in our constitution.
until next time,
Be happy and stay safe.