Are you searching for your piece of the puzzle?

Our lives are an accumulation of all our thoughts, actions and adventures. It is not one thing that makes up who we are but the culmination of all these things.




Everyday we gather small pieces of a much bigger jigsaw puzzle.


And everyday we try to make that puzzle a little more complete.

Some days we manage to put a piece into the right spot.  And boy, doesn’t that feel awesome?

And sure, in the beginning we can find the corner pieces easy enough.  After all, there aren’t that many of them and they are quite distinct from the rest.

But some times, we can spend hours searching for a critical piece that will make the rest of the puzzle make sense.



Trying to find the last piece to the big white cloud, for example; those pesky monochromatic areas can be really frustrating.

Those tone on tone pieces seem to all look the same; it can take months or even years to work through some of these tricky areas.

And, you know what?

life is the same.


One true calling

Sometimes, we feel like we know what we are doing;  those corner pieces of our life seem to just fall into place perfectly.


A home, a companion, a family…whatever.  And we feel on cloud nine.


But often times, we are wandering aimlessly.


We find ourselves searching for a specific piece of ‘our‘ puzzle that will get us past that dreary zone we are working through.


We keep looking for that ‘one’ piece that will make our life have purpose, and meaning.


Our one true calling as it were.


But, here’s the thing…Life is not meant to be one event.   It is not meant to be monochromatic.


When you think about the jigsaw puzzle. Wouldn’t  it be more interesting if it were a wonderfully multi-coloured picture of say a landscape at sunset?


Rather than an entire puzzle in white?  OR worse, one gigantic single piece.


Of course an entire puzzle in white would be challenging in itself, but ultimately we would probably lose interest in it at some point.


No. We are meant to have many experiences, and that means we should not be holding ourselves back by having one job, one house, one hobby or living in one part of the world for our entire lives.


We are meant to learn from life and share our knowledge with others.


If we don’t have diversity in our lives then we will learn very little.


One is a lonely number

A life that is rich and complex is far more interesting and ultimately a more fulfilling life.


In times gone by it was the norm to have one job for 30 years, retire and die.  And you were frowned upon if you couldn’t stick with one career path.


But I think, that way of thinking is crazy.  Probably because I struggle with sticking with anything.


I love a job while it is challenging, but when the hard work is done and the challenges dissipate, I get bored.  As soon as that happens, I move on.


I used to beat myself up about this all the time.  But then I realised that this is just part of my nature and I should embrace it.  After all I am gathering valuable experiences, which is a great thing.


As soon as I understood this about myself, my whole life changed.  I no longer feel like a life drop-out.  But rather a life explorer.


I realise that I have a multitude of experiences, which I should embrace and share.


Some people would say you need to find your one true calling and then you will be happy.  Which is fine if it works that way for you.


But I believe we can have multiple callings.  Like being bi-lingual, only it’s your life.

Emilie Wapnick calls this being a “multipotentialite”.  A person with more than one direction in life, with more than one craft and more than one skill set.  A person with a multiplicity of potential.


As travellers through life we should optimise our multiple experiences and share our divers potential.


Our lives are so much longer now.  We are living 2 times longer these days than only 100 years ago.


So we should let ourselves enjoy the myriad of experiences accompanying that longevity.


Embrace your wander lust

We are capable of doing so many things, so why not embrace all those things.


Embrace your fugacious heart.  Make the most of being dis-satisfied with the status quo.


No longer will you be the ‘loser’ who can’t hold down a job.


No longer will you feel inadequate because you get bored with things easily.  Or you ‘give up’ on things.


Because you will be free.


By taking ownership of your life, of who you are and who you are meant to be.  You are free to adventure, explore and discover this wonderful world we live in.  And live it fully every day.



Until next time

Stay safe

Robyn Williams


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