5 Simple Ways To Avoid Junk-Food



One of the biggest issues we face when trying to re-gain our fitness is resisting all those junk-food temptations.


Every day we are bombarded with images, audio cues and delicious smells tempting us to eat those less than healthy junk-food options.  All adding to the difficulty of quitting.  


I say quitting, because as a society we have in fact become addicted to junk food, because of the salt and the bad fats in our processed foods.   


So what’s a girl to do?  How can we overcome the culinary challenges we encounter every minute of the day?


Below is my simple list of 5 easy ways to resist those urges.  All of which will probably seem like no brainers, but when you make them a conscious decision they make a huge difference in your life.  They have for me, so I’m sure they will for you.


1.  Don’t go down the junk food isle.

The age old tip of avoiding the central isles of any supermarket still holds true and will, no doubt, for many years to come.  The majority of fresh food produce is located around the outer wall of your supermarket.  So fill your trolley from here and only go down the essential central isles as necessary.


In my local supermarket, the chocolate is cleverly located in the same isle as the coffee and tea so it is quite a challenge to get my tea bags and not pick up a chocolate bar…especially when it’s ‘that time of month’.


So my strategy on these days is speed.   Know exactly what you need, exactly where it is and get in and out as fast as you can…consider it power shopping (and you may burn off a calorie or too while you’re at it)


Be aware of some of the ‘impulse buy’ tricks the supermarkets are good at.  They love to strategically locate displays of chocolate at the register.   Avoid them by using the self serve counter, its a bit of a pain if you have a large shop but it helps.  Alternatively, strike up a conversation with anyone near you, this will take your eyes and mind away from the danger zone.


Ultimately, if you don’t purchase the items you won’t bring them into your home and you won’t have that temptation slapping you in the face every time you go to the fridge or pantry.


The simple principle here is out of sight out of mind.


My weakness is chocolate.  And if my husband buys a block, I cant say no.  So, we just don’t buy it.  Plane and simple.


2.  Plan your meals

If you plan out your weeks meals you will shop more effectively (which will help again with avoiding those junk food isles), and if you plan out each days menu you will be less likely to leave home without all your day’s snacks & meals. You’ll save money too.


I regularly utilise the services of lite n Easy (you can see my story in the link) so my lunches and snack are all planned out for me and packaged up ready for me to grab on the way out the door.


But you can do exactly the same thing yourself.  Plan your meals.   Then spend a couple of hours on Sunday prepping your weeks meals ready for a quick get away come Monday.


3.  Have plenty of healthy snack alternatives with you all the time

For many of us getting fit and healthy revolves around controlling what we eat for breakfast lunch and dinner.  But we often forget about the small meals or snacks we need to eat between meals.


Many of us grew up being told not to snack between meals or we’ll ‘ruin our appetite’.  But we now know that the best way to help our body shed the excess fat is to eat more.  And that means eating between main meals.


The key is in what you eat.  Just because you are allowed to eat more now, doesn’t mean you can go ballistic and devour everything in sight.  😀


So what makes a good, healthy, quick and easy between meal snack?


Well, there is a huge range to chose from and once you get the hang of it you will easily identify the best options for your own needs.  Some of you may consider some of my between meal snack as being almost small meals, and in some cases they are.


Here are a few snack ideas to get you started.  (each dot point is one between meal snack).


  • A mandarin, a small handful of mixed fruit & nuts, and 100g tub of natural Greek yogurt.
  • small pot of peaches & small handful of almonds
  • 30 gram organic cinnamon & oat muesli bar and a small punnet of berries.
  • 250g chicken noodle soup (not packet mix)
  • 240g pasta bake


I hope you get the idea here.  We are trying to fuel our bodies with healthy carbs, fats and proteins, rather than artificial processed options.

(note: Although muesli bars are processed, not all brands are junk.  Do your research and find the ones with low cal, low processed carb ingredients).


On busy days, rather than popping into the local muzz buzz and buying a ham and cheese croissant, a weakness of mine, I have a tub of trail mix and a piece of fruit that I peck at during the day to keep me going between my main meals.


4.  Drink more water

Drinking plenty of water helps with the satiation process.  Because you feel fuller you don’t crave.  And drinking a glass of water at meal time will help you stick to your smaller portion sizes.


These day’s our recommended daily water consumption is 3L.   During the colder months this can seem an impossible task.   One way to help get it all down is to pop a slice of lime in your water bottle to give it a bit of flavour.


To get my quota, I carry a 1.5L bottle of water with me just about every where I go.  I sip at it all day long and try to finish it by lunch time, then I re-fill and finish the second fill by bed time.


Sipping your water regularly all day long makes drinking your necessary amount of water that much easier to swallow.


Note: I prefer not to include my cups of tea in this quota, just to make it simpler for me.


5.  Have your food home delivered; meals or groceries

This option is not for everyone, some of you out there like to cook.  For me it was the perfect solution to my existing problem; I don’t like to cook, and I live a busy life.  The cost is comparable to a regular week shop, and the food is great.


I have never had so much variety in my diet as I have since I started having my meals home delivered.  And I know I am getting quality, tasty and nutritious food.


I use lite n Easy.  They have meal plans that cater to not only the individuals weight loss needs but for anyone just wanting to ensure they are eating quality healthy foods.   They are an Australian company but there are plenty of similar options for people in other countries.


For the home chef’s out there, you can have all your grocery needs delivered right to your door by using some of the home delivery services available these days.  A number of the mega supermarket chains have home delivery options and there are also private contracting businesses that will deliver your food for you.


Some options out there:


Yes there are fees, but if you just don’t have the will power to stay out of those junk food isles, they are an absolute god send.


If you think lite n Easy is for you, take a look at how they work or jump straight to their meal plans, and their menu and give them a try.  There is no long term sign up requirements…you order week to week.  So its risk free and easy.


Note:  At the moment I promote lite n Easy because I love them.   I do not get any affiliate kick back for endorsing them. 😀