Get motivated after the best holiday ever

Beat your post holiday funk


OK, so you’ve spent the last week recovering from jet lag, and the three weeks before that you were on the adventure of a lifetime exploring the world and living the life.

But like all good things, this holiday has come to an end, and you are struggling to get your head in the game. Right?

Well trust me when I say, ‘I hear you’.



This is exactly what I have been dealing with over the last week. And let me say, it sucks.

It can be particularly difficult to get back into the swing of things when you work from home.  Or your work is unconventional in some way.

You may be finding it hard to focus your thoughts, when they are still off wondering around the globe, immersed in all the wonders the world has to offer.

But there is a solution, a way out of the void.

That is to say;

you can use your wandering mind to your advantage and get re-motivated

You don’t need to spend 7 hours straight, back at the desk pounding the keyboard to bash out your next blog post or finish that monthly report.

Of course you can work your way back into that drudgery if you want to, but there is an easier way.

A way to get back into the swing of things while also avoiding desk slavery.

Break your day up into small, bite size blocks.

Now don’t be fooled, you will still need a plan, a routine and daily goals.  Even the simplest life needs good structure.

Floating around purposelessly with no direction is fine for those first few recovery days, but to ease your way back into ‘normal’ life, you need to know what it is you want (or need) to do today.

write up your ‘to do list’; keep it short, and keep it actionable.


Decide what has to get done and ‘chunk it up’.


Take your list and prioritise your tasks, but make sure you keep them simple and only include the priority jobs.  Then split each task into smaller ‘chunks’.

Think of it as taking screen shots of your day.  Like ‘snapchat’ records a tini moment in your day, you can break down your work load in the same way.

If you have a mega task like writing a 20 page report scratch out your overall  concept then work on it in small sections.  Start with your summary and your abstract, get them drafted out then have a little break.  Draft out a few sections and have another break.  Keep going like this until your full draft is complete.

When you break tasks into bite size pieces your brain can cope more easily and you won’t feel overwhelmed.



Adding in plenty of breaks ensures you won’t get trapped behind your desk.

Mix it up by adding in a bit of exercise (just a little walk, or a sit-up or two), and perhaps a short swim. If you’re ultra inspired, you could do a load of washing 😉  Just make sure you you’re not stuck at the desk for too long.

Set an alarm if you have to.

By setting a time limit to your tasks you will avoid getting drawn into the trap of sitting at your desk for 12 hours straight.  You will eliminate physical stresses and body fatigue and ultimately be more productive.

Give yourself the opportunity to clear your mind, relax and regain focus.  You may find you need more breaks in the beginning as you settle into your new routine and drag yourself out of holiday mode.

That’s OK.  Just go with what works for you.

Then get back to work for an hour or so.

Make sure you start working towards a good balance between the holiday ‘rehab’ and the work.

When your task is ticked off-celebrate with a break then continue the process into your next task.


The key though, is to allow your mind wander. Don’t fight it, this will just make you frustrated and grumpy.

Give yourself permission to reflect on the great times you had while you were away.

You might find you become more productive as your creativity is not stifled.

Maybe you can even write about your great experiences and have your post published on a travel blog.

After all, what is the point of a great holiday if you don’t allow yourself the freedom of reflection, and to keep the relaxed vibe you received from your well deserved break away.

Take advantage of the relaxation and use it to make 2016 your best year ever.



Until next time

Stay safe, and relaxed.

Robyn xx

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