Is your ‘check-list’ holding you back?


Our modern world revolves around instant gratification and consumables.  Little wonder then that more and more people treat their relationships the same way.  Part of this ‘get it quick and move on’ mentality is the burgeoning use of  the ‘check-list’.  

Full of  ‘deal breaker’ dot points.  

But I guess it reflects the world we live in and is potentially a window into what the future holds. 


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Be a super freak – unleash your power

dreaded dog

Let your inner FREAK run free.


Do you sometimes  feel as though you just don’t quite fit in?  Perhaps you have had someone tell you point blank that you are not conforming to the status quo.

Well you wouldn’t be alone in this diagnosis of your personality, and because of this, you might be lacking some self confidence.  But never fear, there is another way to perceive yourself, that is, harnessing your freak factor and using it as your super power.


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Don’t fight your fear be it’s besty

make fear your bitch


I know I am not the only one who struggles with the fear of failure.  Lets face it life can be scary, and sometimes we just don’t have the skills set to deal with it.

Combine this fear with say social anxiety, and you have a recipe for under achievement and, choosing self preservation over self fulfilment.

But there is a light at the end of that very long tunnel, and if you do the work you too can take hold of your fears and turn your life around.


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successful #blogging; and the processes of #SEO for beginners

Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance; the 5 P’s of successful SEO.

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It’s all good and well to decide to finally take up writing, but it’s not really very productive if no one is accessing our various platforms.

Here I take a little look at SEO and what that means for new bloggers.

So, as part of my R&D for my new adventure (I’ve decided to finally write that book), I decided I should look into successful blogging; and the processes of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
After all, I can’t ignore the 5 golden P’s of success.

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