How to be a better boss and keep your employees happy


good boss


If you want to know why you are losing your key employees, don’t ask another employer or industry specialist; ask your disgruntled, dejected and disillusioned employees.  Chances are they are only after a few key things that will make their day not only bearable, but enjoyable.





Many employers micro manage their staff and in the end run the risk of dis-empowering the very essence of their business.  If you hire someone, you must think they can do the job, other wise why would you put them on your pay roll?  So if you hired them to do a job, that you know they can do; let them do it.  Get the hell out of their way and go do something useful.



Riding your staff beyond their personal stress thresholds, undermining their sense of value through belittlement and constant denigration, and forgetting to give praise for good work when it’s due all leads to the anaesthetisation of creativity and desire and a slump in morale.

When you take away a persons sense of worth, when you remove any channels for creative flow, you remove their desire to perform, and you remove any chance that they will give you their best work, let alone any loyalty.  At best they will just be going through the motions, treading water until the end of the day.  And you can guarantee they will be on or similar, every chance they get.

So place your staff in a position that best fits their abilities and skills sets, show them you appreciate the effort they put in and the output they create, and lead them to be the best they can be.  In return you will have loyal, enthusiastic, and productive staff.  Which has to be your ultimate goal as a boss and leader.



Not emotional, not spiritual and certainly not financially.  So if you want to grow your business and achieve all your goals, you have to treat your employees as equals, not subordinates.  You need to build them up not tear them down.

People are not stupid, and they know when you believe in them and when you don’t.



Communication is probably the most important element in ensuring a high quality work environment for everyone involved.  Workplace communication needs to be open, and non-judgemental, and all parties need to feel safe when approaching another team member, be it colleague, management or boss.


All too often the boss will change the rules half way through the game causing confusion and mistrust.

If an employee asks your advice on an issue and you tell them to do the task in a particular way, don’t rip into them when it doesn’t work out the way it was supposed to, and especially don’t go making it out as though it were their fault.

Far too many managers, senior staff and employers feel it is their right to pass the buck down the line.

Well it isn’t.  It’s bullying.

When you don’t stand up and take responsibility for your poor performance, erroneous judgement or just bad luck, you undermine yourself in the eyes of your employees.  When you then pass the blame onto another person you not only lose respect you diminish the sense of value that employee feels within the organisation.

An upset and poorly treated employee is well within their rights to talk to others about their concerns, and when that happens, you can be fairly certain the kitchen bitch sessions will grow in numbers.

Staff morale mortality will be the result.

If you stuff up as the boss, admit your gaffe and apologise.  Your staff will appreciate the honesty and respect you as being human.  Most likely if the morale is doing OK, they will rally to assist you in fixing the problem.



So to summarise:
  • let me do my job
  • encourage my efforts
  • and don’t be a bully.


It’s not rocket science, you don’t need a MBA, you just have to be a compassionate, respectful and empowering human who wants the best of our your staff so you can have the best business in town.

Remember, your employees are not just staff, they are living breathing people who, for the most part, just want to get satisfaction out of the things they do with their lives.  If you can give them that at work you will be going a long way to ensuring they have a happy life outside of work as well.  It’s win, win for everyone.

It really is the little things that matter.  So, be nice and be a better boss.  It will make your life better too.


Until next time

Stay safe, be healthy& happy and enjoy your life.